Adobe Lightroom 5 тормозит

После обновления Adobe Lightroom до пятой версии заметил, что он стал работать чуть медленнее (Сергей Доля, тоже заметил), пришлось покопаться в сети чтобы попытаться найти причину. Причин пока не нашел, зато наткнулся на картинку со сравнением скорости работы старого и нового Lightroom.
Lightroom 4 vs Lightroom 5 beta speed tests

Нашел целую пачку рекомендаций, как ускорить работу Lightroom 5:

Make your catalogs smaller. The other day I imported about 500 photos from a days shoot. There was about a 7 second lag on any changes I made. I restarted my computer nothing worked so what I ended up doing was breaking that folder into two smaller ones. One with about 200 photos the other with closer to 300. Problem solved, Lightroom began performing fast again.

Increase your cache. I see people say this one a lot. I’ve never noticed it helping but maybe it will do something for some situations. Go into Lightroom and into your preferences. In file handling towards the bottom there is an option to increase your camera raw cache settings. Change it to like 5 or 10 GB. Also take this opportunity to purge your cache.

Change your Camera Raw compatibility. In your preferences under the file handling tab there is on option to change your camera raw compatibility. Try changing it to the latest camera raw.  Or if you’re on the latest try rolling back to the previous. Not sure what this will do but I’ve seen people say to do this.

Trash your preferences. If you’re like me you’ve been updating your Lightroom software since Lightroom 2 across several different operating systems. Chances are things are messed up. This to me makes the most sense. I’m a Final Cut Pro editor and it’s very easy for the preferences to get messed up and tweak everything out little by little. So try deleting your Lightroom Preferences so it can write new ones. Just be sure to back them up onto your desktop first.

Придется прислушаться к советам. Никто больше не сталкивался с такой проблемой?

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